Volgograd and Chengdu introduced each other to their countries


Volgograd and Chengdu introduced each other to their countries' cultural heritage

On October 21, the "Russian and Chinese Folk Art in Volgograd and Chengdu" online project culminated in an online conference. The meeting was organized to sum up the results of several months' work. 

The project had united four schools, two from each side. The first ones to become part of it were Volgograd Gymnasium No. 3 and Xuedao Branch of Yucai School No. 7. They were later joined by Volgograd Gymnasium No. 5 and Zhuojin Branch of Chengdu Yandao Street Primary School.

Back in the beginning of the school year, each of them prepared 3 PPT presentations dedicated to the culture of their countries and cities – their folk art, music, even traditional dishes! Afterwards, the students read each other's presentations and during the conference – delivered the best of them to the audience. Believe us, choosing the best from the best was not an easy task!

The conference began with the opening remarks by the officials, and concluded with vivid performances.

Dance of the fiery dragon – and Russian folk songs. The famous Matryoshkas – and clappers with coins. Hand-made toys – and face changing tricks from the Sichuan opera repertory. Not only did the conference participants described all of this with great expertise, but also managed to demonstrate their performance skills online.

As a result of the project, Zhuojin Branch of Chengdu Yandao Street Primary School came up with the initiative to sign a cooperation agreement with both Volgograd gymnasiums at once.


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