A cycle of film lectures "Pages of the Battle of Stalingrad" started at Volgograd Pedagogical University


A cycle of film lectures "Pages of the Battle of Stalingrad" started at Volgograd Pedagogical University

On October 20, the Scientific and Pedagogical Library of Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogical University (VSSPU) opened its doors to cinema and history lovers united under the aegis of the new project, which will combine film screenings and lectures. The name of the project is "Pages of the Battle of Stalingrad". Timed to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad, it is carried out in cooperation by VSSPU and the "Stalingrad Battle" museum-reserve.

The cinema and lecture program was composed by the staff of the museum-reserve and organized jointly with the VSSPU Center for People's Diplomacy, its National History and Local History Education Department, its Historical and Legal Education Department, as well as VSSPU Scientific and Pedagogical Library, which is also a platform of the Russian Society "Znaniye".

The first film lecture attracted over 80 spectators: history students and 27 foreign students from Turkey, Egypt, China, Uzbekistan, Haiti and Nigeria.

The film offered to their attention was "On the Distant Frontiers" from the documentary series "Pages of the Battle of Stalingrad". It is based on the documents and chronicles from the film archives of our country and the GDR and was made at Volgograd television studio in 1967. The first film in the series was dedicated to the background of the Battle of Stalingrad. The event's participants learned a lot about how the world-famous battle on the Volga began, and what battles were fought between the Nazi intruders and the city's defenders on the far outskirts of Stalingrad. Afterwards, they analyzed the proper methods of working with audiovisual historical sources.

After watching, the students shared their impressions with each other and took take part in the discussion on the history of the Battle of Stalingrad with the moderator of the meeting – the Head of the special projects department of the "Stalingrad Battle" museum-reserve, lecturer of the "Knowledge" Society Ms. Alena Utkina.

The event made good use of modern technologies. Its participants did a number of tests online, and were introduced to the official Internet platforms of the museum-reserve and the "Knowledge" Society.

In total, there are 7 events scheduled to take place at the lecture hall within the framework of the project. Each of them will tell about a separate stage of the Battle of Stalingrad and include a demonstration of a film with the appropriate title: "On the Distant Frontiers", "August 23", "Days and Nights", "Operation Uranus", "The Defeat of Manstein", "The Ring is Narrowing" and "Victory".

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