"I love NY" (2015)

Since we have already started talking about the interaction between the Russian and Indian cultures, it is the perfect moment to mention the Indian rendition of the Soviet cult classic "The Irony of Fate", released in 2015 under the name "I love NY", which is subtle pun because the titular abbreviation can mean both New Year and New York.

And it is in New York that the Indian Zhenya Lukashin ends up by his friends' mistake. In this movie, his name, though, is Randir Singh, a mild-mannered and shy 40-year-old who cannot muster enough courage to propose to his girlfriend.

After a series of coincidences (identical to the original plot), he finds himself in the apartment of a young teacher Tikku, and is bound to meet her fiancé, her colleagues and best friends...

This is when, for the first time in his life, Randir chooses to actually fight for his choice and his happiness!

And yet, the movie does not identify itself as a direct remake of a Soviet film, which is why several important changes have been made to the plot and the characters therein.

Firstly, even the supposedly funny beginning of the film's adventures does not proceed without a social commentary: the only reason Randir is allowed on board with another man's ticket and passport is because the personnel believes all Indian nationals look the same.

Secondly, "I love NY" is less ambiguous in its ethical assessment of the main characters' actions. Unlike the "Irony of Fate", this movie makes it clear: the current partners of the protagonists are wildly unsuitable for them both. Randir's girlfriend is only after his money and has a quarrelsome and capricious attitude. Tikku's fiancé, too, is nothing compared to Ippolite: he is belligerent, rude and scornful not only of the proverbial fish on the table, but of every single thing about the girl's behavior, appearance, and clothes...

Finally, as befits an Indian film, there will be more than a couple of songs in here, topped with lavish dancing numbers!

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