Association “Bourgogne-Eurcasie”


Association “Bourgogne-Eurcasie”

Our twin-city of Dijon is the headquarters of the public organization which is deemed the successor of the Association of Friendship between France and the USSR.

This is the "Bourgogne-Eurcasie" association of friendship with Russia, founded in 1992. The first part of its name manifests its desire not to be limited to the borders of a single city at home, and the second part is the abbreviation for "Europe – the Caucasus – Asia", which emphasizes its founders' intention to focus, among other things, on the former republics of the USSR.

The "Bourgogne-Eurcasie" Association promotes the teaching of the French language in Russia and of the Russian language in France, organizes cultural, educational and sports exchanges, and actively participates in the development of the twinning relations between Dijon and Volgograd.

The Association holds conferences and round tables on Russian-French topics; brings large groups of the Association members to Russia to take part in meaningful holidays and public events; organizes exhibitions and summer language schools for students, including those from Volgograd schools. For many years, students of the Municipal Gymnasium No. 5 and the Volgograd Social and Pedagogical University have taken part in the Association's projects in Volgograd.

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