The delegation of Krasnoyarsk in Volgograd: the chronicles of the visit


The delegation of Krasnoyarsk in Volgograd: the chronicles of the visit

On February 12 and 15, a Krasnoyarsk delegation, led by the mayor Vladislav Loginov, drove through our city twice. The delegation also included representatives of the city's administration, the representative office of the Russian Foreign Ministry in Krasnoyarsk, the "Victory Memorial" Museum and the "Patriot" Youth Military Sports Center.

Despite the fact that the delegation had only a few hours at their disposal each time, they managed to visit Volgograd's key sights and pay tribute to the memory of the heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad.

On February 12, Krasnoyarsk representatives made a tour of the panorama museum, and on the evening of February 15, even though the weather was most frosty, they climbed the Mamay Hill and laid flowers at the Eternal Flame in the Hall of Military Glory.

Another part of their program was a meeting with the head of Volgograd and his deputy for culture and education.

Vladimir Marchenko and Vladislav Loginov shared their experience in running and developing cities with the population of million+ residents, and outlined the possible areas for further cooperation. For example, the guests from Krasnoyarsk inquired about Volgograd's experience in patriotic work and in the development of public transport.

Krasnoyarsk, like Volgograd, is planning to develop their electric transport by attracting subventions from the federal government. Thus, they were particularly interested in the way Volgograd had dealt with one of the conditions for its participation in the governmental program: to enter a municipal-private partnership while retaining the city's full control over the project's implementation.

Krasnoyarsk residents also expressed their interest in Volgograd's renewal program for the city's bus fleet – to do this, Volgograd has been buying large-capacity buses with gas engines, whereas the conditions of the Siberian city only allow for the use of diesel vehicles.

Source and photo: Volgograd administration

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