Modern drama "My rooftop is the stage": chasing your dreams


Modern drama "My rooftop is the stage": chasing your dreams

Today, the project "Magic of Performing Art" by Volgograd and Chengdu is continued by a presentation by Li Xiaoman, a senior at the School of Drama, Sichuan Conservatory of Music.

Good afternoon, everyone. Today I would like to introduce to you one of my favorite dramatists and his works — My roof is the stage.


The author is a Chinese Taiwan dramatist Zongxi Li whose plays mostly spread warmth and beauty. The story is about twelve children of different zodiac signs who come together, from a confused future to pursuing their dreams together. For their dreams, they plan to star in a play together. With the stars as the backdrop, the streets as the audience and the rooftops as the stage, and they rehearsed the play tirelessly. They once lost their motivation, hid their original intentions and chose the harsh reality. Eventually, after the death of the original planner, they finally came together to perform their story on the rooftop, singing a song full of hope and perseverance.

Favourite character:

In the play I play Xiao Bai, a lively, big-hearted, decisive and somewhat rebellious girl. Although she was born into an artistic family and her parents taught classical music, she doesn't like her parents' discipline. She likes to follow her heart and play the piano indiscriminately, and is rebellious and likes to rock. She is very much her own person and idea, and it is because of her strong personality that she was able to get together with a group of friends to plan a play and fulfill a dream pursuit.

Set construction:

The main stage is on the rooftop, built with blocks, other props are made by the stage art team


In December this year, at the Sichuan Conservatory of Music Exhibition Hall, all students will be invited to see the show

Reason for choosing:

This play is about a group of people doing their best to achieve their dreams. It was selected as our graduation play and is a reflection of who we are today. It is not just an ordinary play, but also the last play of our wonderful college years, where we all pursue our theatre dreams together.

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