August 3 is the International Watermelon Day!


August 3 is the International Watermelon Day!

Although we have no idea who established this holiday and when, this fact does not make it any less remarkable. Such a sweet, juicy and satisfying thirst quencher as a watermelon, full of vitamins and minerals to boot, deserves its day in the limelight.

​To us this date is especially meaningful, because it is in the beginning of August that watermelons ripen up in Volgograd, and it is in the end of this month that a phantasmagoric Watermelon Festival takes place in the nearby city of Kamyshin!

In 2022, it will be held on August 26 – 28 and feature photographic corners, interactive playgrounds, quests and quizzes, and a fair share of versatile competitions:

- watermelon carving,

- watermelon cooking contest,

- the largest watermelon contest,

- the most unusual scarecrow contest.

A tribute will also be paid to the person to whom Kamyshin owns the honor of becoming the Southern Watermelon Capital: tsar Peter the Great, who, after savoring a scarlet slice once, appreciatively declared: "A most excellent fruit!" A live-action encounter with the emperor will become an important part of the holiday.


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