More than 90 works from sister-cities have been submitted to the art contest in Volgograd


More than 90 works from sister-cities have been submitted to the art contest in Volgograd

By the beginning of July, the last international parcels with children drawings have successfully arrived to Volgograd Regional Children Art Gallery for the International Children Art Competition "About Myself and the World", which is held once in every two years.

This year, the topic that the young artists were to showcase in their works, was set to be "world architecture": the streets and corners of their own cities, the most iconic buildings in their countries, their ideas about what the city of the future could be like…

Once again, among the competition's most enthusiastic participants there were our Chinese sister-cities – Chengdu and Qujing. As the Gallery's visitors will soon see for themselves, they both have a lot to offer architecture-wise!

For example, judging by several works at once, the Tianfu (literally – "heavenly kingdom") district of Chengdu, with a population of 80 thousand people, must be truly a miracle of Chinese urban planning. It is designed to use 48% less energy and 58% less water than a typical city with the same population, and any two its locations are but in 15 minutes' walk from each other. However, Chengdu's little artists also paid tribute to more ancient architecture: the Black Goat Palace, the tea house on Mount Heming, and the old market square. And some of them even drew Volgograd!

The artists from Qujing have submitted an even more "international" selection of works: their drawings feature "The Romantic Island of Santorini" and "Sicilian Town", whereas several young authors at once chose to depict St. Basil's Cathedral and the Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God. Out of the sights of their own city, the most popular seem to be the Jingning Pagoda and the South Gate, as well as the Museum of the Cuan Nation.

Do not miss the opening of the new and spectacular exhibition featuring all these works!

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