Volgograd and Valencia: reaching to each other across the ocean


Volgograd and Valencia: reaching to each other across the ocean

July 13 saw a video meeting between the Cities of Volgograd and Valencia, at which the possibilities of establishing cooperation between our two cities were discussed.

The conference lasted more than an hour and was carried out with the kind assistance of the Russian Embassy officers in Venezuela.

It was especially emphasized by Valencia representatives that both our cities in the past became the site of battles that determined the fate of Russia and Venezuela as a whole (the Battle of Stalingrad and the Battle of Carabobo), and expressed a desire to learn as much as possible about Volgograd.

Considering the significant distance between our countries, any possible cooperation will be carried out primarily online. For example, during 2022, a series of events on the culture and history of Russia will be held in Valencia, and we hope that Volgograd representatives, too, will be invited to join in them.

Historical call-back: the Battle of Carabobo

The victory of the Venezuelan liberation army in the battle near the city of Valencia, the capital of the Venezuelan state of Carabobo, back in 1821 is thought to be starting point of Venezuela's successful journey towards its independence from Spain. The army in question was led by Simón Bolívar, the national hero of Venezuela and the man after whom the country's official currency is named. The victory at Carabobo allowed Bolívar to launch a large-scale military campaign in the southern part of the continent, and it was already in the course of the next four years that Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia were liberated from Spanish rule as well. 

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