Best wishes from Volgograd to Ingushetia: the republic celebrated its anniversary


Best wishes from Volgograd to Ingushetia: the republic celebrated its anniversary

Last weekend, the Republic of Ingushetia celebrated its 30th anniversary. The main festive events took place in the capital of Ingushetia – the city of Magas. 

Guests of the Republic laid flowers at the memorial in the park and visited several sites of national significance. Volgograd's congratulations on this significant date were brought to the people of Ingushetia by Vladlen Kolesnikov, Chair of Volgograd City Duma, who delivered an address on behalf of the representative and executive authorities of our city. 

"Ingushetia is a beautiful land with kind and hospitable people, as well as is a rapidly developing territory of the Russian Federation. Its fruitful ties with many other regions are all making a significant contribution to the development and well-being of our common motherland – Russia," said Vladlen Kolesnikov.

The Speaker of the City Duma also delivered a commemorative gift to Mussa Galaev, the Mayor of Malgobek, a city with which Volgograd has a partnership agreement: "Malgobek is a city of great heritage and strong traditions. I wish you well-being and harmony all over your fertile land."

The event's participants made note of the heroic past of both Volgograd and Malgobek: the soldiers from Ingushetia participated in the Battle of Stalingrad, the Stalingrad people fought for the Caucasus. Today, their cities are joined by friendship links officially.

Mussa Galaev expressed his hope for the further development of this cooperation: "We hope that the friendship and partnership between Volgograd and Malgobek will be grow stronger from one year to another."

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