Results of the international youth project and video contest were summed up in Volgograd


Results of the international youth project and video contest were summed up in Volgograd

Yesterday, at the Volgograd Institute of Management (a RANEPA branch), an awards ceremony was held for the participants of the project "Same or Different: topical social and cultural problems of youth in Russia and Germany".

The institute professional and Volgograd administration officers gave out diplomas and books to the students who, within the frame of the project, had been awarded first, second and third degree prizes in the competition of presentations and videos on the titular socio-cultural problems of youth in Russia and Germany:

- protection of nature in our cities and in their outskirts,

- misunderstanding among the family members,

- bad habits – from harmless to extremely dangerous ones,

- self-expression in the form of art,

- the line between hobby and escapism...

Although 2022 has been a tumultuous year, the problems discussed by the participants remain as relevant as ever.

Make a decision was not an easy task for the jury: 6 videos and 4 presentations were submitted for the competition, all of them – with well-thought-out arguments and vivid illustrations, but very different in their mood.

Some of them were serious and business-like, the others put more emphasis on humor and pieces of useful advice, and some of their authors simply spoke about their beloved city and what inspires them to live and study in it.

As a result, the prizes were distributed as follows:

1 place:

- Aristarkh Panin and Daniil Gripasov (video about nature protection)

- Elvek Gabunshin, Yulia Kurochkina, Anna Rykova (video about the art of time planning)

2 place:

- Alexey Stepanov (video about how artists reflect the modern problem through works)

- Elina Kalmykova, Elizaveta Bukova, Amalia Shengalieva, Irina Ryabova and Sabrina Mohammad Omar (video on how to manage everything in time and have fun along the way)

- Valeria Abramova (on why we love Tarot cards and horoscopes so much)

- Evgenia Gamayunova (about the most popular hobbies among the young people)

3 place:

- Olga Shnaidman (about the most complicated youth problems)

- Daria Bibikova (about the coolest art exhibitions in Volgograd)

- Victoria Uzhanova, Vlada Starodymova and Georgy Ryzhkov (on the importance of balance in life)

- Alexandra Varlamova, Dinara Dinbagandova (about everything that makes the life of young people truly difficult)

Despite the fact that the awards ceremony fell on an exam session, the vast majority of our participants were happy to attend it in person.

All videos and presentations (including those made by the winners) can be found on our website "Volgograd as the capital of people's diplomacy":Одинаковые%20или%20разные%20--%20Проблемы%20молодежи%20в%20России%20и%20Германии

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