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Makhachkala (Russia)

1998 - the signing of the Cooperation Agreement; 2003 - the signing of the renewed Agreement

Makhachkala is a city in the South of Russia, the capital of the Republic of Dagestan.
Founded in 1844 as a fortress named “Petrovskoye” after Peter the Great, between 1857 and 1921, the city was known as Petrovsk-Port, and would later be renamed in honor of one of the leaders of pro-Soviet movement in Dagestan – Makhach Dakhadaev.
Today’s Makhachkala is a major center of economics, politics, science and culture in the South of Russia. It is also our country’s only ice-free port in the Caspian Sea.
The partnership between Volgograd and Makhachkala was officially established in 1998 with the signing of the Agreement on Cooperation.
There is a street in Volgograd called Dagestanskaya (in the Voroshilovsky district).
Website: https://www.mkala.ru/

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