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Kazan (Russia)

1998 - the signing of the Cooperation Agreement; 2005 - the signing of the renewed Agreement

Kazan is a city in the Middle Volga Region of Russia, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan and an important economic and cultural center of our country.
Kazan is an ancient city with centuries-long history, the place where Europe and Asia come together. Founded over a thousand years ago, it has been an important center of commerce in the great powers of the Middle Ages: the Volgian Bulgaria and the Golden Horde. From the middle of the XV and until the middle of the XVI century, the city was a capital of the Kazan Khanate. Its city Kremlin, built at that time, is currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
In 1552, Kazan became a part of the Moscow Tsardom and has played an important role in Russian history ever since. In the XVIII-XIX, the city became an educational and cultural center of the Volga Region.
During the Great Patriotic War, the city became a cornerstone of our country’s home front, to which many major enterprises and scientific centers were temporarily relocated. In 2020, a Presidential Decree declared Kazan a “City of Labor Valor
Today’s Kazan is one of Russia’s largest industrial, academic and cultural centers with the population of over one million people. The city is the owner of such brands as “the third capital of the Russian Federation”, “the capital of sport” and “the Tatar capital of the world”.
The partnership between Volgograd and Kazan was officially established in 1998 with the signing of the Agreement on Cooperation.
There is a street in Volgograd called Kazanskaya (in the Voroshilovsky district).
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