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Ulyanovsk (Russia)

1997 - the signing of the Cooperation Agreement.

Ulyanovsk is a city in the Middle Volga Region of Russia, an administrative center of the Ulyanovsk Region.

Founded in 1648 as a borderland fortress under the name of “Sinbirsk”, the city was expanding at a rapid pace. In 1780, it was renamed Simbirsk, and in 1924 – Ulyanovsk. In the XIX century, it became a prosperous center of commerce and a platform for one of the largest fairs in the Volga Region. At the same time, Simbirsk was considered “a city of gentlemen” due to its huge number of educational and cultural institutions. 
The most famous native of Simbirsk is Vladimir Lenin (Ulyanov) – a world-renowned revolutionist, the founder and first leader of the USSR. It is in his honor that the city received its contemporary name. 
During the Great Patriotic War, a number of large enterprises and educational institutions were evacuated to Ulyanovsk. It was also here that the Volga warship flotilla was stationed. In 2020, a Presidential Decree declared Ulyanovsk a “City of Labor Valor

Today’s Ulyanovsk is a major center of culture, economics and education in the Volga Region.

The partnership between Volgograd and Ulyanovsk was officially established in 1997 with the signing of the Agreement on Cooperation. 

There is a street in Volgograd called Simbirskaya (in the Voroshilovsky district).

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