Coat of arms
Gaziemir (Republic of Türkiye)

2004 - the signing of the Cooperation Agreement between Gaziemir and the Central district of Volgograd.

Gaziemir is a district of Izmir, a metropolitan city in the Aegean region of Türkiye.

Earlier considered a center of crafts (not only locally, but also on the national level), the modern Gaziemir can also boast a powerful industrial basis – it is the platform for a high-tech innovation park.

Volgograd and Gaziemir have been cooperating since 2004.

It is in Gaziemir that an international Space Camp is located – one of the three places in the world, where children supervised by the experts in the fields of physics and space science can study the basics of astronomy and rocket science. Students of Volgograd schools have repeatedly taken part in the camp’s summer shifts.

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2019 - участники  программы Космического лагеря в Газиэмире.jpg

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