Coat of arms
Vitebsk (Republic of Belarus)

2017 - the signing of the Cooperation Agreement.

Situated on the trade route “from the Varangians to the Greeks”, Vitebsk is the center of an advanced industrial region and the third most populous city in Belarus.

Standing on three rivers, Vitebsk is remarkable for its ingenuous and beautiful nature – its floatingly undulating topography is exactly what might have inspired Marc Chagall’s famous works depicting “flying” people.

Vitebsk’s architecture is characterized by a rare and convivial style known as Vilnius Baroque, and the city center is adorned by the country’s largest square – the Victory Square.

The agreement on cooperation in economic, scientific, technical, social and cultural spheres between Volgograd and Vitebsk was signed in 2017.

1995 - волгоградский композитор на фестивале «Славянский базар» в Витебске.JPG
2017 - IX Встреча городов-побратимов Беларуси и России в Могилеве.jpg
2017 - Волгоград и Витебск подписали «дорожную карту» по развитию сотрудничества.jpg

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