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Sebastopol (Russia)

2013 - the signing of the Twinning Agreement; 2015 - the signing of the Cooperation Agreement.

Sebastopol is a city with a federal status in the South-West of the Crimean Peninsula.

Founded in 1783 as a military sea port, it has been the main marine base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet since the end of the XVIII century. Sebastopol’s name is firmly engraved in the history of our country due to the resilience and heroism that its citizens demonstrated during the two historic battles – in the Crimean (1853 – 1856) and the Great Patriotic (1941 – 1945) Wars. In 1945, Sebastopol was designated a “Hero-City”.
Following the dissolution of the USSR, the city was part of the Ukraine, and in 2014 entered Russia as a city with a federal status. 

Today’s Sebastopol is a major ice-free sea military port, and a rapidly developing industrial, academic, technical, cultural, historical and recreational center of the Russian Black Sea Region. 

Among the world-famous sites of Sebastopol, there is a panorama “The defense of Sebastopol in 1854-1855”, the city’s historical and memorial complex under the collective name the “Malakhov Kurgan”, the “Chersonesos Taurica” natural reserve, etc.

The partnership between Volgograd and Sebastopol was officially established in 2013 with the signing of the Agreement on Twinning, and recemented in 2015 by the Agreement on Cooperation. 

There is a street in Volgograd called Sebastopolskaya (in the Dzerzhinsky district).

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