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Krasnodar (Russia)

2004 - the signing of the Cooperation Agreement.

Krasnodar is a city in the South of Russia, an administrative center of the Krasnodar Krai.

Founded in 1792 as a borderland fortress under the name of “Ekaterinodar” in honor of Catherine the Great, during the XIX century the city transformed into a large center of industry and commerce. During the Civil War (1918 — 1920), the city’s strategic importance was so formidable that it was later renamed “Krasnodar”.

Today’s Krasnodar is the largest center of industry, transportation, trade, science and culture in the South of Russia and the historical-geographical region of Kuban.

The partnership between Volgograd and Kransodar was officially established in 2004 with the signing of the Agreement on Cooperation. 

There is a street in Volgograd called Kransodarskaya (in the Sovietsky district).

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